Work Plan, Findings & Project Objectives For Research

Specific project objectives are the development and validation of:

  1. Procedures for the pre and post deployment evaluation of human and environmental safety of genetic control of malaria and dengue fever.
  2. Guidance to DEC’s on Ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) of a genetic control method policy and their relationship to relevant regulatory principles.
  3. Identification of characteristics of potential release sites affecting efficacy and risk benefit
  4. Relevance, suitability and accessibility of the guidance in order to enhance the capacity for DECS for application of best practice

The four objectives will be achieved through a series of modules (M1-7), with expert subgroups from the Network drafting each module based on experience, external consultation, literature, and any new findings over the period of the project.

Module 1: Overview of technology options, social and regulatory issues
Module 2: Technology research and production phase
Module 3: Pre-deployment country decisions
Module 4: Data handling and environmental monitoring (baseline and post deployment)
Module 5: Field survey on attitudes for alternative control methods
Module 6: Capacity building curricula from Modules 1-5
Module 7: Prototype issues/response model