Moving Abroad For Betting Jobs? Find Out How To Avoid Mosquitoes

Moving Abroad For Betting Jobs? Find Out How To Avoid Mosquitoes

Betting jobs are growing in popularity every year as the online gambling industry continues to see significant growth. Countries like Malta and Gibraltar are the perfect places for these jobs. A company like Betting Jobs has long lists of many jobs in the online gaming industry in these countries and beyond. However, these countries can also be really bad for their mosquitoes. Whether it’s a holiday or a new home, the bugs can be troublesome at best. For those moving abroad for betting jobs, we wanted to give a quick heads up. Hopefully, we can inform you on how to avoid the mosquitoes in your new home.

The Best Country For Betting Jobs

As we mentioned above, there are some countries which are in their own league for betting jobs. One of the top-rated countries for an online gaming sector is Malta.


As it stands, Malta has one of the most successful iGaming industries in Europe, if not the world. Online gaming makes up over 12% of the total economy in Malta. Over 9,000 people are employed in the sector, out of a population of around 437,000. Some of the biggest companies in the industry, like Betfair, now have their offices in Malta. This makes it the perfect place to find betting jobs.

However, it is plagued by mosquitoes for a large portion of the year. The worst strains of the insect are most active between April and October, although because of the warm climate you are going to have the risk of mosquitoes year-round.

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How To Avoid Mosquitoes In Malta And Gibraltar

There are some ways you can try to help avoid the dreaded mosquito in your new job abroad.

Cover Yourself Up

Not ideal when the weather is so warm, but covering up will stop mosquitoes getting to you. Make sure you definitely cover up at dusk as this is when they are most active.

Invest In Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are renowned for getting rid of pesky insects. Have a couple burning on your balcony or veranda to stop mosquitoes from coming near your doors or windows.

Use Lavender Scented Products

Mosquitoes and other flying insects apparently hate lavender. Lavender perfume, shampoo and clothes detergent will be your friend while living abroad. The scent will put the bugs off. In your new home, you could even have lavender plants in your garden and house.

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How To Find The Best Jobs

If you haven’t been put off by the mosquitoes then we know the best place to find the betting jobs you really want. There are websites like Betting Jobs, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, who have many different jobs available around the world in the online gaming and gambling industry. If you don’t know what exactly you are looking for but know this is the industry you would like to be in, then why not give them a look. You can have a browse through the jobs available in Malta and Gibraltar and see what is right for you.