Rising Damp Problems Cause Mosquitos

Rising Damp Problems Cause Mosquitos

Rising damp is a common problem in many commercial buildings around the UK. It occurs when the walls, ceilings and floor of your building became saturated with water which will cause damage to all areas of the building. When the dampness becomes too much for the building, it can create structural damage to the building which can have a detrimental effect on how long your business operates.

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The Cause Of Rising Damp

Damp can be caused by condensation from inside the building or a direct exposure to rainwater. When the building experiences condensation, it is possible that it may take a number of days for this to completely dry, causing the building to have a damp feeling to it. This can cause problems for customers who use the building and can also cause damage to the interior of the building as the damp may make it difficult for people to breathe. Rising damp has been cropping up in larger buildings with a rise in mosquitos in the area.

When condensation occurs in a building due to an increased amount of humidity or from an excess of rainfall, it is essential that the building is vented properly in order to prevent this type of damp from occurring. A good example of this is where a building is being constructed the condensation can build up in duct work and pipes, which are a problem which has caused many buildings to be closed down due to damage caused by rising damp.

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Ventilation is Important in Older Buildings

The main causes of rising damp are often to do with condensation. One of the main issues with damp in a building is that it can be caused by an excessive amount of humidity in the air and this will often be caused by a lack of ventilation in your property. Whilst the building should be ventilated it is important that this is done properly to avoid condensation building up in the ducts and pipes.

Another reason that damp building problems are likely to occur is due to condensation occurring on your floors. This may occur if you have left some wet carpets in a damp environment, such as in a hotel or other commercial building. If the carpets remain damp they can cause moisture to collect on them, making it hard for the carpets to breathe and increasing the likelihood that you will suffer from condensation problems.



Other factors that can contribute to damp building problems include high levels of traffic within a property. If there are a lot of people coming into the property then the amount of damp can increase dramatically in a short space of time, with this being particularly true in large offices and restaurants. It is essential that you ensure that you have adequate ventilation in place to prevent this from occurring and to prevent structural damage to your property.