What Are the Health Risks From mosquitos?

What Are the Health Risks From mosquitos?

Recently, there was a health risk from mosquitoes and dengue fever that made headlines all over the world. An epidemic of dengue fever was declared in Brazil at the beginning of this year with millions of cases reported each month. These cases are caused by the Aedes Aegypti species that lives in the tropical and subtropical regions of Brazil and Africa.

Health Risks

The World Health Organization or WHO says that there is no known treatment for the illness and recommends not traveling to these regions until there is an end to the outbreak. The disease is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito, which can be transmitted to humans through mosquito bites, blood transfusion and childbirth. With so many people having to travel due to the outbreak of dengue fever, there are several other diseases that have been spreading and becoming part of the news.

There is a high risk from dengue fever due to stagnant water, standing water or puddles. There are also risk areas where mosquito breeding and laying eggs are common such as floodplains, alleyways and near places where rodents and insects are dwelling. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, which makes it easy for them to be transmitted to humans. There are certain areas in the tropics where mosquitoes are more likely to be found such as in Central and Western Africa and parts of Asia.

Another disease spreading in the area is malaria. It is spread by insect bites and blood transfusions. If you have had malaria before, you are much more vulnerable to getting dengue fever or malaria again. Malaria has also been associated with the dengue fever outbreak.

Other Health Risks

Pests like squirrel monkeys, ants, woodcutters, and some dogs can be carriers of viruses and bacteria. The diseases they carry might be transmitted to humans through contact with the bite of these animals. You may also want to avoid having these pets at home because of the health risk from mosquitoes and other pests. These parasites do not only cause physical problems but mental stress too. Many who are affected by these diseases find it hard to leave their homes.

Lastly, an unhealthy and unsafe place is where diseases can spread. The home and surrounding areas should be free of clutter and insects. Proper lighting should be installed. Open spaces should be utilized by the community in order to allow the spread of disease. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you should start learning how to protect yourself from sicknesses such as mosquito borne diseases by knowing their physical characteristics and signs.