How Damp Proofing Glasgow May Deter Your Midges And Mosquitos

How Damp Proofing Glasgow May Deter Your Midges And Mosquitos

Many people don’t realise that a damp home can lead to an increase in the number of midges and mosquitos that enter your home. Damp spaces in your walls can attract bugs of many different kinds. If you’re in the city, then we recommend investing in damp proofing Glasgow. This treatment can mean you will get rid of the critters, improve your home’s structural integrity, and keep bugs as bay.

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The Connection Between Damp and Bugs

Damp can cause stagnant water to collect in the wall cavity or in crawl spaces in your home. This stagnant water is perfect for mosquitos and other bugs to lay their eggs in. Little do people realise, mosquito eggs can lay dormant for many months before they actually hatch. A damp problem, therefore, can lead to serious bug infestations.

Get damp proofing Glasgow treatment for your walls at home.

Identify the Type of Damp

There are two main types of damp that are regularly found in the walls of houses in Glasgow. These are Penetrating Damp and Rising Damp.

  • Rising damp occurs when there is not an adequate barrier between the ground and your wall. In some cases, the damp may come from your basement. This open space allows moisture into your wall cavity which of course makes your walls damp. This damp appears as a tidemark on your wall where the damp has risen to.
  • Penetrating damp is caused by moisture outside coming through the wall to your interior. It is most often found in old buildings which have been constructed used very porous stonework, or buildings with degraded mortar. It appears as dark or crumbling patches on your walls.

Both types of damp can be fixed with a course of damp proofing Glasgow.

Invest in Damp Proofing Glasgow

The best treatment for a damp home is to talk to a specialist. We recommend talking to local team Richardson & Starling for some effective damp proofing Glasgow. The staff at this company can effectively treat your damp and improve the state of your walls at home. Damp proofing Glasgow is undoubtedly the best way to get rid of both damp walls and mosquitos.

How a wall will look before a treatment of damp proofing Glasgow.

How To Keep Mosquitos Away

After you have completed a round of damp proofing Glasgow, one of the best ways to keep mosquitos away is to make sure all gaps are fully blocked. You should ensure even tiny holes are blocked up effectively. The team who completed your damp proofing should be able to check this out for you, but make sure you double check this yourself.